Small Group Training

Small Group Training is offered to allow clients to work in small groups, with a similar technique as is used in one-on-one. Refer to the calendar for times and trainers, and as always, call or email with any questions.



Get ready to battle, battle the ropes, that is! Lebron James isn't the only one using them! Battle ropes improve core and joint stability, as well as flexibility, while providing an intense total-body workout. Learn the basics, as well as the newest moves. Let's get wild!

Instructor Mart Brewer



Welcome to KettleBurn! Kettlebell training is one of the best, and most unique, ways to improve your body's shape, strength, and fitness level! It's the ultimate combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, core development, and functional training. When the kettlebell workout is designed properly, it makes for a workout unlike anything you've ever experienced!! Kettlebell workouts are a series of training intervals, using a work/rest cycle that allows you to get all the benefits of strength and cardio conditioning. Never used one? Let us teach you! A kettlebell pro? Bring on your A game!

Instructor Charles "Shep" Shepherd



Welcome to Hatha Yoga! Kelly Landrigan has over a decade of experience in various yoga practices, including hatha, vinyasa, prenatal, and therapeutic. She is committed to teaching alignment-based yoga, enhanced and supported by the science of anatomy and biomechanics. She promote progress, healing, and will keep your body and mind functional for everyday life. Kelly pays close attention to detail to ensure proper alignment and full benefit, using progressive sequencing that properly prepares the body for challenges geared toward students of all fitness levels. Join us in our practice!

Instructor Kelly Landrigan



Barre class draws from the methods of Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga techniques incorporating different props to create a holistic fitness class that emphasizes strength, posture, and muscle lengthening. Open to all fitness levels! With Kristi's experience, she develops unique routines for every class participant with moves for beginners, intermediate, and advanced Bar students. Join us!

Instructor Kristi Mosbey



Emmanuel is a certified Master Trainer who specializes in weight loss, body sculpting, and nutrition. He has been transforming clients' bodies for nearly 15 years. Noelliste works with small groups at a time, training for between 90 and 120 mins per group, two to three times a week. For more information about his services, or for answers to questions of any kind, contact Emmanuel at (773) 571-0213 or by email at

The Fitness Rep's Weight Loss BootCamp

March 2nd - No Expectations Fitness Class - Come to respresent. Come to succeed. come as you are. | The Space 2.0 Hyde Park 7pm-8pm - Get ready to lose weight, gain muscle, and achieve all of your short term fitness goals before the summer.  Lose up to 30 lbs by following a proven diet, effective workout plan, and attending the classes given. - Location:  THE SPACE  5307 s Hyde Park Blvd - Day/Time:  Wednesday's at 7pm - Price:  $150.00 for program (classes, diet, workout) 15.00 for single class |